WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Get Started Guide

 So how does it work?

  • You will connect your store with ours via the Mothership Connect app.
  • Once a customer places an order for a PoweredBy product on your website, you will be emailed an invoice.
  • The invoice that you receive will be for your cost of each product on the order plus any shipping costs associated with the order. Your cost for each product is determined by the current MSRP of each item and your profit margin which is agreed upon in the contract. Your cost for shipping for the order is determined by the order size and shipping destination. Shipping rates by order size and destination can be viewed in the Mothership app and can change from time to time.
  • Once the invoice is paid by you, we will receive the order and will prepare it for shipment.
  • As soon as you pay the invoice, the inventory for your customer’s order will be secured. To avoid inventory stock-outs and to ensure fast shipping for your customer, it is imperative that you pay the invoice quickly.

Here is how to get started


  • Sign up for Shopify if you have not already.
  • Our suggestion when signing up for Shopify is to use their Basic Shopify Plan, this is the $29 option.
  • We also recommend chatting with Shopify support and asking them to add Carrier Calculated Shipping services to your account for a small fee. This will come in handy if you’re connecting with both our eJuice and Hardware catalogs and you want to offer international shipping and you want your store’s shipping prices to match what your costs will be. See more information on this below.


  • If you haven't already, fill out the registration form.
  • Once we review your submission, we will either request more information, or simply approve what you have provided, and you will be emailed a contract for digital signing via DocuSign.


  • After you've registered you will receive a contract via DocuSign from us. Please review the entire DocuSign contract before digitally signing it. The contract must be signed by an owner or officer of your company as well as by our CEO. Once both parties have signed the contract, a PoweredBy representative will be notified and will send you an access key for each product catalog that we offer.


  • There are very specific federal laws which require retailers of vape products to verify the age of each customer that purchases. This goes far beyond an entry pop up on your web store, that's required as well but a 3rd party age verification service is required in order to sell vape products online. PoweredBy eJuices.com recommends AgeChecker.net for this.
  • If you'd like more information, please fill out our AgeChecker registration form. We will send you an invite to use AgeChecker.net. Please note that this is only available to retailers in the United States.
  • If you sign up through us the monthly fee will be waived, you will just pay a small fee per age verification. 


  • Download the Mothership Connect App through the Shopify App Store. There is a $49 monthly fee to use the app. When you sign up through us, we will take care of the 2.5% transactional fees. 
  • We will send you two keys to connect with us via Mothership Connect
  • Each key is unique. One key will be to connect to PoweredBy eJuices.com, the other key will be to connect to Hardware-PoweredBy eJuices.com. We have two separate catalogs to separate the eLiquid and the Hardware.
  •      It is not necessary to integrate both catalogs on your website. You can do one or the other or both. If you do both, please note that everything in the PoweredBy eJuices.com catalog ships from Nevada and everything in the Hardware-PoweredBy eJuices.com catalog ships from California.
  •      On the top right-hand corner of the Mothership app, select the drop-down menu, click on suppliers, and click “connect to a supplier”. This is where you can input the keys that were sent to you via email when adding new catalogs.


  • There are a variety of settings that you are allowed to change and adjust. These settings can be found by going to Mothership > Suppliers > Manage. Each supplier connected to your Mothership store will require you to adjust any settings individually. For example, if you are connected to both our eJuice catalog and our Hardware catalog, you will need to adjust the settings in both catalogs. Please read this section carefully as we break down some of the importance of these settings.
  • Shipping:
    • This is where you will see all the shipping rates that we are going to charge you. This has nothing to do with what you charge your customers.
    • This is where the Beskpoke shipping app comes in handy which we talk about down below.
    • You are unable to change these settings, this is simply there for your reference
    • Remember, is up to you if you would like to charge your customer for shipping. If you would like help with matching your shipping prices on your site with your shipping costs in mothership then please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.
  • Invoices and Orders:
    • You will be charged on a per order basis. This is something you cannot change unless our accounting department has discussed otherwise with you.
    • You can view all outstanding invoices and orders here also.
  • Imports and Margins:
    • Default Markup: Here is where you can add a percentage-based markup to all products you input into your store. Keep in mind that we are going to charge you for the orders based off the set MSRP. You can also add a per-product markup by going to that specific product in Mothership.
    • Publishing Scope: You can determine if you want new products and collections to import to your Shopify store automatically or manually.
      • Here you can also set to hide any products that are currently out of stock. The products will republish if stock becomes available in the future.
    • Automatically update your store to reflect changes made by the supplier: This section is where we highly suggest certain options. You have three choices when tracking our pricing:
      • Track supplier’s pricing changes using default and product markups.
      • Track supplier’s pricing changes and set to the price of the supplier’s MSRP.
      • Do not track pricing changes.
    • We will always suggest option 2 (Track supplier’s pricing changes and set to the price of the supplier’s MSRP). This is because, if we ever change the price of a product to be higher than the price of what you have it listed for on your website and you were not aware, you will then be losing money on the sale. We change our prices on a daily basis and want to prevent this from happening to you. If you implement a default markup, this will still apply, it will just track it based off the listed MSRP.
    • Product Metadata: If we are the only supplier for your store this is not necessary, but if you have multiple suppliers (yourself included) we suggest creating a unique Auto-Tag for all PoweredBy products (a separate one for the eLiquid catalog and one for the hardware). This will allow you to separate what products are being shipped by who, and what products you or another supplier are fulfilling. This will also allow you to create collections in your Shopify store by applying the tags.


  • After you've chosen your settings, you are ready to import products and collections. You can do this one by one or you can import all products and all collections in bulk. Remember, products and collections are independent. For example, adding or deleting the Cosmic Fog collection won't automatically add or delete the products that are meant for that collection. 
  • Please note, importing all products and all collections will take approximately 3 hours or sometimes longer depending on your internet connection.
  • If you import all products and collections, the products will be added to collections after all products and collections have been imported into your store.


  • A best practice for online dropship stores is to let your customer know where items are shipping from.
  • If PoweredBy eJuices.com is not the only supplier for your store (you count as a supplier as well if you fulfill orders for items that your stock yourself) then it makes sense to let customers know that the products will ship from Las Vegas (for eLiquid) and California (for Hardware) - This way the customer will expect a separate package instead of calling you to ask where the rest of the order is after they get the first part of their order. 


  • Because the sale of vaping products is considered high risk, Shopify will not approve you to use their payment processing system.
  • You will need a third-party to take care of this for you and we recommend using Adept Payment Processing.
  • Please get in contact with us and we will connect you with our account representative over there to get you all set up.
  • PoweredBy eJuices.com is not liable for any credit card transaction fees that incure.


  • Another challenge that drop-shippers face when setting up their store is how to handle shipping rates.
  • If a customer orders product from your own stock, which you fulfill, and from PoweredBy eJuices.com stock, which is shipping from either Las Vegas or California, it becomes difficult to charge the customer the right amount for shipping.
  • PoweredBy eJuices.com has thought of this and has a solution. We recommend using the Bespoke Shipping With Bespoke Shipping app, you can have a completely custom shipping algorithm that can be 100% perfect.
  • You can connect to carrier APIs or create your own rates. The app requires PHP code but the app developer will write the code for you, all you need to do is explain your rates and share our rates (found in Mothership App). 
  • PoweredBy eJuices.com will not charge you shipping for eLiquid sales and any domestic orders with the exception of Washington State.
  • We do not ship to Utah and Arkansas due to state laws so please make note of this on your site and disable your customers from being able to add that as a shipping address if they are ordering a PoweredBy product.
  • There are also several international countries we are unable to ship to. This list is constantly changing, so please get in contact with us to find out what those are if you are not using the Bespoke Shipping app.


  • There is an inherent risk of fraud in selling online by credit card. PoweredBy eJuices.com recommends using a chargeback prevention or chargeback insurance company like Signifyd or Riskified.
  • If your invoicing with us is on a per-order basis, you'll need to ensure that all orders are legitimate before paying your invoice from us. Once you pay your invoice for the order then we will ship the order. 
  • If you are on payment terms we highly recommend using a service like Riskified's Shop Protection Plan. With this plan, you'll be able to set your Shopify store to authorize payments and not capture them; then you can have Riskified auto-capture the payments once the order is approved and insured. Orders won't be sent to us until payment is captured and the order has the 'paid' status in Shopify.


  • Set up an auto-tag in the Mothership Connect app before importing any of our products. Make it a unique tag that won’t be on any other products except for ours.
  • Import our products via the Mothership Connect app
  • Create a supplier for our products in StitchLabs
  • For any product in Stitch Labs that has the unique tag that you created, you’ll want to do 3 things:
    • Set the supplier to us
    • Make us the Primary Supplier
    • Make the item drop-shippable
  • Set the channel listings to “Stitch is NOT master of stock
  • These changes will prevent our items from showing up on your packing slip in your shipping solution (ShipStation, shippo, etc). They will also prevent your StitchLabs account from trying to constantly update inventory. Mothership Connect will be the master of inventory so it’s important that the channel listings are set up in stitch as Stitch Labs is NOT the master.